Food Carts featured on Grimm!

As some of you may have heard a few weeks ago Grimm leased some of Portland’s Food Carts – namely Gaufre Gourmet, Nikki & Leftys, Violetta nd a couple other carts were used for a couple episodes of Grimm.

Well, tonight Friday November 16th and next Friday the 23rd if you watch Grimm you can catch the carts in their starring roles on Grimm.

By the way make sure to go visit Gaufre Gourmet at SW 9th between Washington & Alder, Nikki & Lefty’s at SW 3rd & Stark and Violetta around the city and tell them congratulations.

Also – make sure to check out Grimm’s website at for a special treat.

By the way Grimm I LOVE your Food Cart Pod I would really like to visit it one day.




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